Rules for the Event

  1. Generators (both internal and external or portable) may be used on the observing field, but for noise reasons and enjoyment by the rest of the attendees, generators must be turned off at night.
  2. Since we will be guests of Staunton River State Park, all rules and regulations applicable to general visitors to the park will apply to us as well. Please review these rules at this website.
  3. Please do not throw trash on the ground. Bagged trash can be brought to the designated area near the visitor center where it will be removed daily by park personnel. Recyclable trash should be put in the proper containers.
  4. No ground fires are permitted. Charcoal fires are also prohibited, since smoke can be damaging to optical equipment on the observing field.
  5. Alcohol and illicit drugs are prohibited on the observing field (too much expensive equipment). Please refer to park regulations concerning the use of alcohol in other areas (cabins and campsites).
  6. Pets are not permitted to roam. Pet owners are responsible to see that their pets do not disturb other attendees, and are responsible for damage that occurs to equipment that is caused by their pets. In general, pets should be confined to their owner’s camping area. Owners are asked to clean up after their pets promptly.
  7. Red lights are to be exclusively used after sunset on the observing field. Please be conscientious and not shine headlamps directly in the eyes of other attendees. Green lasers will be permitted only on Saturday night on the observing field from sunset until 10 PM, but are prohibited all other times, to help our astrophotographers.
  8. You may park near your tent/equipment, but if you need to leave between sunset and sunrise, please park in the parking lot near the pool complex. All visitors that need to leave during the “dark time” should also park in this parking lot.
  9. Setup in the observing field is on a first come, first served basis. RVs should park in the designated areas for RVs on the edge of the observing field.
  10. Electricity is provided to as much of the observing field as possible (and we are working to increase the capacity). Please use the electricity between sunset and sunrise only for astronomical purposes (powering telescope mounts, laptops, cameras, etc.) A charging area can be found behind the visitor center to charge batteries.

Attendees who insist on violating the rules will be required to leave the event and will forfeit the remainder of their registration fee. Determination of who is violating the rules will be made by CHAOS club officers and state park rangers.