2022 Spring Star Party Is ON

A Word From Our Fearless Leader

The star party is ON for 2022. 

We’re hoping everyone will be able to attend.

We’re having issues with WordPress and PayPal not playing nicely together. Please go to PayPal directly to send your registration. Use our email address 
stauntonriverstarparty@gmail.com to find us. The fees are still $80 for the full week and $45 for the weekend (Thursday-Sunday). Please add a message including your name as you would want it on your name tag and how many people will be coming with you. This way we can give the park a head count. 

You may also send in your registration directly to;
P.O. Box 3001
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

If you experience any problems, let us know. We’ll work with you.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and when we get the website form working properly, we will let you know.

Star Party Dates For 2022

Spring: March 28-April 3