Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society

President’s Message

Hello CHAOS and guests,

Well, it has been a while, April, since I’ve done a president’s message. Sorry for the long delay.

Here we are in July and the summer is half gone. But that doesn’t mean we have been stagnant. We are still observing every Saturday, weather permitting, at the Washington Duke Inn. This is a very simple session, in that the hotel guests and those there for dinner, do not stay very long, usually. They ask questions, talk about the telescopes and head back to the Inn. We ask questions of them as well, like where are they from and what brings them to the Inn. It is truly a fun session. I have met people from all over the country and world. I highly recommend that you attend at least one session to see what it’s all about.

July is also the month that the Staunton River Star Party registration opens. The Staunton River Star Party is a star party that CHAOS hosts. This years October event is October 9th – 15th. That is a Monday through Sunday.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying looking at the night skies, when possible.

Clear skies

Jayme Hanzak
President of CHAOS