Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society

President’s Message

Hello CHAOS, I can’t believe that it is already June. I must be still having fun.

My last update was in February. Much has happened since then. A star party, several meetings and a lunar eclipse. On the lunar eclipse, I hope everyone had a chance to see at least a part of it. It was perfectly placed in the sky for our location. I did get a chance to see the first half up to midpoint of totality. Then the clouds rolled in and I was done for the night. Reading some emails, I consider myself fortunate.

We have an observing session at Staunton River State Park on Saturday, June 4th. The session runs from 9 to 11pm. As usual, if you want to stay the night, you absolutely can. You can sleep in your car or in a campsite. It looks like the weather is going to be very promising. I hope you can join us.

There has been much discussion about going out and observing on any given night. I’m very happy to see these posts and I hope this keeps happening. It’s hard to find a good observing site that doesn’t close at sunset. That is one thing Virginia has over North Carolina. Their parks don’t close. IF you happen to know of a site that we can access as a group, please let us know.

June is our club dues month. Everyone updates their membership. I hope everyone does and I hope the club helps to keep you hungry for the hobby. If you joined the club since January 1st 2022, you do not have to worry about dues until June of 2023. If you joined after June 2021, then your dues are due. It’s still $25.

If there is anything you would like to see or add, please let us know. This is your club and we need to try to make it enjoyable for everyone. Of course, you may get a, “That’s a great idea, do you have any ideas to make that happen.” I believe we could be doing more in the community, it’s just figuring out the ways to do it.

Stay tuned for the date of our June meeting. It may be a day later due to scheduling conflicts with our speaker.

I’ll see you in a few days at the meeting.