Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society

Star Party Status

Even though the forecast for the Spring Star Party was bleak, it turned out to be another great event. We observed every night for at least two hours if not more. We experienced all seasonal weather. Temperatures in the 20s to the 80s. The public night started off looking like it was going to be … Read more

Star Party Experience

Read about one person’s stellar experience at Staunton River Park, and how she ended up connecting with CHAOS and the star party.


This is a dummy page, serving as parent for the seasonal subpages below. The subpages are boilerplates for each season. Copy the text from the appropriate season page to update the page “What’s in the Sky Tonight,” and add current info on whether any planets are visible, etc. None of these pages should be in … Read more

Welcome to the New Website

We hope you’ll look around. Is there something we’re missing that you’d like to see? Please post your feedback, questions, etc. to our new email server, If you were part of the Mobilize group, you shouild have received an invitiation by email.This is a new platform for me and I suspect for many of … Read more