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Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society

We cater to all levels of astronomy fans, so if you’re only a beginner, that’s all right–read on.

Upcoming Events

EventDate Details
Monthly Club Meeting via ZoomTuesday,
October 17th, 7pm
We are delaying the meeting one week due to the star party.
Monthly Skywatching at Staunton River State ParkSaturday, Sept. 17,
8:00 – 10:00 pm
Skywatching at this
Virginia State Park with CHAOS.
For more information and future monthly dates, please check here.
Observing at Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NCEvery Saturday
8:00- 9:30 pm
(weather permitting)
Still having great success with this recurring event.
Contact Jayme Hanzak ( if you are able to attend.
Staunton River Star PartyOctober 9 – 15This is annual Fall Star Party at Staunton River. Click on the Star Party Tab at the top of this page for more information.
Annular Solar EclipseSaturday, October 14Watch for events in the area. More eclipse info here.
Staunton River Fall Star PartyOctober 9-15Stay tuned for more info. (Registration is almost open.)

Schedule a Skywatch

Are you a teacher? Scout Leader? We offer skywatch sessions, free of charge, for any educational purpose.We’ll bring one or more telescopes, depending on the size of the crowd. All…

Telescope Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a telescope, but don’t know where to start? You might consider using a pair of binoculars first, to become acquainted with the night sky. You…

What’s in the Sky Tonight

Facing South and looking almost straight overhead, you’ll see two bright stars. The one to the right is Arcturus, and the one to the left is Vega. To the left…

Latest Events and News

President’s Message

Hello CHAOS and guests, Well, it has been a while, April, since I’ve done a president’s message. Sorry for the long delay. Here we are in July and the summer…

Star Party Status

Even though the forecast for the Spring Star Party was bleak, it turned out to be another great event. We observed every night for at least two hours if not…

Star Party Experience

Read about one person’s stellar experience at Staunton River Park, and how she ended up connecting with CHAOS and the star party.

Welcome to the New Website

We hope you’ll look around. Is there something we’re missing that you’d like to see? Please post your feedback, questions, etc. to our new email server, If you were…