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We cater to all levels of astronomy fans, so if you’re only a beginner, that’s all right–read on

Upcoming events

EventDate Details
Monthly Club Meeting via ZoomTuesday,
May 10
7 pm
Our special speaker will be our own Barbara Becker. Barbara will present a talk on William Herschel. Did you know that it’s been 200 years since his death? Time flies when you’re having fun. Zoom link is here.
Meteor Shower: Self-guided observingApril 19-May 28Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower at Staunton River State Park. More information here.
Staunton River State Park
Public Skywatching
Saturday, June 4, 9:00-11:00 pmMore information here.
Staunton River Star PartyOctober 24-30Stay tuned for more information.

Schedule a Skywatch

Are you a teacher? Scout Leader? We offer skywatch sessions, free of charge, for any educational purpose. We can’t use telescopes, as multiple people would be touching it. As an…

Telescope Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a telescope, but don’t know where to start? You might consider using a binocular first, to become acquainted with the night sky. You can see…

What’s in the Sky Tonight

That really bright star in the South is Sirius. To its right, more to the West, you’ll see the three belt stars of Orion. From there, you should be able…

Latest Events and News

President’s Message

Welcome to February everyone. Are you ready for the Statewide Star Party??? If you’re not and are not sure what it’s all about, Then the club meeting this month is…

Star Party Status

SPRING STAR PARTY IS ON. March 28-April 3. Go here for more information:

Welcome to the New Website

We hope you’ll look around. We especially encourage you to try the Forum. It’s a bulletin board, intended to replace the current listserv, where we’ve been posting club email. Is…